About Five Star Property Management

A New Kind of San Francisco Property Management Company is Born!

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About Five Star Property Management

Meet our mascot, Sir Charles Reagan Churchill

Charlie is the only employee of Energy Real Estate/ Five Star Property Management who is allowed to sleep “on the job” (something he is very good at!). When he is not sleeping, he is busy “supervising” activities in the office and in the field. If you stop by our Stockton St. office in San Francisco, you will most likely be greeted by this gregarious bulldog!

Five Star Property Management founder Roger D. Eagleton began his career in real estate finance in the early 2000s and has been a licensed California Real Estate Broker and property management professional since 2007. In 2010, after completing his Master’s degree in Tax, Roger formed the full-service real estate company Energy Real Estate. Roger spun off the highly successful property management division in 2012, creating Five Star Property Management.

Coming from the field of tax, Roger was tired of being nickeled and dimed by San Francisco property management companies. He knew that a new water heater for a single family home should not cost $2,000.00 and he knew that there should not be a 20% mark-up on the water heater purchase just because someone at the property management company spent five minutes on the phone ordering it. But, that is what he was faced with if he wanted someone else to “manage” his rental properties.

Another sore spot for Roger was brought about every time a new tenant was needed for one of his properties. All the available San Francisco property management companies wanted to put the new tenants on a “month-to-month” type lease. Sure, this type of lease is great for tenants because they can leave at any time, but what about the owner? Why in the world should a home or building owner have to worry about a vacant property or unit next month or the month after? Owners want (and deserve) a predictable and steady cash flow and they need to have that in writing (i.e. a solid, well written, fixed term lease). Not only that, every lease renewal should be for a “fixed term” as well! Why was it so hard to find a property management company that shared the same vision??

Enough was enough! Roger realized that if he wanted to cut costs and boost his monthly rental income (while improving responsiveness to tenant concerns and greatly improving the quality of life for his tenants), there was only one way to do it…start his own property management company!

And so you have it, out of frustration (and disgust) with all of the currently available property management companies, a new vision was born…Five Star Property Management.