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Common Mistakes Landlords Make that Can Cost Them Money in Northern California

Among the top and most common mistakes landlords make is rushing the process. Yes, it is painful when your rental property sits vacant, and yes it is painful when [...]

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Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Rental Property Income in Northern California

In today’s environment, we’re seeing that the rental market is undergoing a bit of a contraction. Part of this is due to some of the trends in the overall [...]

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Common Mistakes & Illegal Landlord Actions to be Aware of in Northern California

A number of landlord mistakes are commonly made, and they end up costing money. Illegal landlord actions will lead to a landlord lawsuit and tenant complaints. Today, we’re talking [...]

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Important Things to Remember When Dealing with a Vacancy in the Bay Area

For every week your property is vacant, you’re losing two percent of your annual income. That number adds up pretty quickly and affects your profitability. It’s a good reason [...]

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