How Much Rent Should I Charge in Burlingame? Property Management Tips

How much rent should I charge? It’s a question we hear a lot, and today we’re talking about how to set rental prices effectively. Read more

How to Deal with Property Maintenance – Burlingame Property Management

Property maintenance is a topic that’s very important, and no one really wants to discuss because it involves spending your money. Rental property maintenance costs are no fun, but they’re absolutely necessary. The analogy we use is a rental car. Everyone has rented a car for business or vacation, and the question I ask is: when is the last time you checked the oil on a rental car or looked at the air pressure of the tires or did any kind of maintenance on the car? The answer is always never. No one does that because it’s a rental car. Think about your property that way with tenants. It won’t matter how qualified and nice the tenant is. It’s not their property, and they won’t maintain it the way you would as an owner. Read more

How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Burlingame

When you’re choosing a property management company, we always like to advise potential clients to shop around. We prefer that you’ve talked to other companies before you call us. It takes time to get educated on the process, so if you’ve spoken to other companies before calling us, you have a good sense of how people operate. Read more

Tenant Screening Tips to Avoid Bad Renters – Property Management Burlingame

We have some tenant screening tips that we’re sharing so property owners can avoid bad renters. At Five Star, we don’t have to deal with bad tenants very often because we have written standards in place and procedures that tell us what to look for and what to avoid. Read more

Reasons to Work with Five Star Property Management in Burlingame, CA

Five Star Property Management is located in Burlingame, California. We are putting together a series of educational blogs that can help rental property owners like you, and today we’re sharing the first one, which covers some of the reasons you might want to work with us. Read more