Pets vs. Service Animals: Do I Have to Allow Pets in my Redwood City Rental Property?

Dogs and cats are typically considered pets, and you don’t have to allow them in your Redwood City rental property if you don’t want to. We often recommend it because pet-friendly properties rent faster and [...]

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How Do Vacancies Affect Your Profitability in San Mateo Rental Homes?

When you decide to invest in San Mateo rental real estate, you know you’re going to face some ongoing and expected costs. There will be maintenance and repairs as well as professional property management and [...]

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How to Limit Tenants Not Paying Rent & the Eviction Process in Redwood City

Collecting rent on time is an essential element in a successful and profitable rental experience. As the property owner, you count on that rental payment to keep up with your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other [...]

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Why Renting Individual Rooms in Your Home San Mateo is a Bad Idea

Homeowners in San Mateo who are looking for a way to offset the cost of their mortgage and other housing-related expenses may be tempted to rent out rooms in their homes. It seems like everyone [...]

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Common Fair Housing Violations – San Mateo Property Management Advice

It’s easy to make a fair housing mistake when you’re renting out a San Mateo property, and unfortunately, those mistakes are often expensive. The laws are always changing, and in California, our fair housing laws [...]

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