Short Term vs. Long Term Lease – What is the Difference in Burlingame, CA?

If you’re thinking about a short term vs. long term lease, you need to understand the risks and benefits of both. Typically, short term rentals are for things like Airbnb or Vacation Rental by Owner. They are basically a few weeks to a few months in length, versus a long term rental which is anything from 12 months to two years or even longer.  Read more

Best Ways to Market Rental Property for the Highest ROI in Burlingame, CA

Having a professional advertising campaign is the only way to go when it comes to marketing your rental property. We see a lot of homemade advertisements with photos that were shot on a camera phone or a handheld camera. Descriptions are lacking in detail, and there’s a failure to mention any benefits to living in the area or the home. Many of these ads don’t mention any rental criteria. That discourages someone from taking the next step, which is visiting the property.  Read more

Burlingame Property Management Education – Do You Need Insurance for Your Asset?

As a landlord, you need insurance for your rental property, and the higher the limits and policy amounts, the better. Read more

Common Mistakes Landlords Make that Can Cost Them Money in Burlingame, CA

Among the top and most common mistakes landlords make is rushing the process. Yes, it is painful when your rental property sits vacant, and yes it is painful when you have to evict tenant. It’s painful when you have to do repairs on the property. But, if you take your time and follow a process or hire a Burlingame property management company, most of these things can be eliminated. Read more

Property Management Duties and Responsibilities & Its Benefits in Burlingame

Personally, I like to think that the benefits of working with a professional property management company are that you have peace of mind.

Owning a rental property, especially in the Bay area, can be time consuming. It can also be a huge liability, and it can impact your overall psychological well-being. When a property is professionally managed and things are running smoothly, it’s nice to look at your bank account on the 10th of every month and see a check that has been deposited. There’s not too much you have to do except get a phone call or email every now and then with an update on how things are going.  Read more

Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Rental Property Income in Burlingame, CA

In today’s environment, we’re seeing that the rental market is undergoing a bit of a contraction. Part of this is due to some of the trends in the overall rental market. It’s a good example of why it helps to have a finger on the pulse of the market. We do this every day as professional property managers. But, as an individual landlord, you may not be as in tune with how the market is behaving. Read more

How Often Should a Property Inspection Happen in Burlingame, CA?

A property inspection takes place every six months in our world. A great property manager will stay consistent with inspections to ensure properties are well maintained. This is the maximum amount of time we feel comfortable not having a set of eyes and ears on the property. Most of the time, we end up looking at properties more frequently than this. But, if there’s a property where opportunities don’t pop up as regularly to conduct an inspection, we still like to schedule one every six months.  Read more

How Do Real Estate Referrals Work in Burlingame Property Management?

Real estate referrals are available to agents who might consider referring clients to us for any property management needs. In today’s environment, especially in the California bay area, there are a lot of rules and regulations you need to be aware of that you don’t have to deal with as a Realtor. Read more

Common Mistakes & Illegal Landlord Actions to be Aware of in Burlingame

A number of landlord mistakes are commonly made, and they end up costing money. Illegal landlord actions will lead to a landlord lawsuit and tenant complaints. Today, we’re talking about some of the most common mistakes we see, and how to avoid them. Read more

Important Things to Remember When Dealing with a Vacancy in Burlingame

For every week your property is vacant, you’re losing two percent of your annual income. That number adds up pretty quickly and affects your profitability. It’s a good reason to keep your vacancy rate to a minimum. While you don’t want to have a vacancy at all, you also don’t want to offer your property to the first person who comes in off the street. While it can result in getting your property rented quickly, you want to make sure the tenants you place are qualified. This is a balancing act, and it’s where our role as a property management company helps. We can look out for your greater good and slow the process down to ensure you’re getting a good tenant who you won’t have to evict three months down the road. Read more