Personally, I like to think that the benefits of working with a professional property management company are that you have peace of mind.

Owning a rental property, especially in the Bay area, can be time consuming. It can also be a huge liability, and it can impact your overall psychological well-being. When a property is professionally managed and things are running smoothly, it’s nice to look at your bank account on the 10th of every month and see a check that has been deposited. There’s not too much you have to do except get a phone call or email every now and then with an update on how things are going. 

Property Management Duties and Responsibilities

Many people fail to realize what’s involved in managing a property yourself. There’s a lot of day to day activity that’s overlooked. Most property managers don’t report every little thing to owners. We don’t want to burden you with things that you don’t need to know about. We get calls every day from tenants with the most basic questions or complaints. This is what we’re paid to do. As a property owner, you don’t have time to deal with these little issues. So, a benefit to having a good property management company is that these things are filtered away from you, and there’s a buffer between you and all these details. Most of these issues are resolved by your property management company, and you can enjoy your day to day life.

Property Management Burlingame Fees

Another big factor is that our management fees are tax deductible. It’s an expense, but one that you get to write off along with other expenses related to the upkeep of your property.

The best way to find out what benefits are available to you personally is to contact us. If you have a single family home and it’s been running smoothly for years, maybe you’ll want to keep doing it on your own. Or, maybe you have an apartment building, and you’re tired of spending 40 hours per week on the property. You’re probably somewhere between those two extremes.

Let’s talk about what will make your life easier. Contact us at Five Star Property Management, and we’ll tell you more about your options for professional Burlingame property management.