San Francisco Property Management Fees

A breakdown of property management costs and service options for single-family and multi-family residential properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Five Star PM

We’re sure you’ve noticed. The majority of San Francisco-area property management companies are tight-lipped about their property management fees. You won’t find detailed information about cost, or exactly what services you get for that cost, on their websites. They’d rather talk to you first and see what you’re willing to pay. But, we’re a different kind of property management company.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, including our dealings with prospective clients like you. We’d like to be as up-front as possible about the cost of property management and what you get when you choose to go with professional management for your rental. We’ve assembled three all-inclusive service packages for single-family and multi-family residential property management, each designed to appeal to a different kind of investor. No hidden costs, no additional charges for essentials like lease prep and tenant placement. Plus, we list our property management fee clearly and without reservation. We’re proud of our services and the exceptional value we offer — there’s no need for us to hide the price!