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Informational articles for rental property owners, covering a range of property investment topics, from Five Star Property Management.

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At Five Star Property Management, we strive to be both your day-to-day property management company and your partner in long-term investment strategy.

We’ve assembled the following informational articles – some we’ve written ourselves and some we’ve found on other highly regarded websites – to help you explore topics related to real estate investment.

Are you curious about a topic related to investing in rental properties that you don’t see here? Let us know, and we’ll either find a trustworthy article on the topic to add to our rental property information library, or write one!

Purchasing Rental Properties

Maintaining Your Investment

  • How to Hire an HOA Management Company

    Proper HOA management is key to maintaining the value of your property and retaining quality tenants. Is your rental property’s HOA in need of new management, or its first professional management? This article will provide you with a starting point for finding the best HOA management.

  • Land Use Laws 101 (

    Sometimes the land you own may be used by someone who does not legally own or possess your land. This resource provides details on all of the common land use issues property owners run into, including zoning laws, easements, trespass, and eminent domain.

Growing Your Real Estate Investments

Working With Your Property Management Company

  • Property Management FAQs

    We answer some common questions about working with Five Star Property Management as your rental property management company.