Having a professional advertising campaign is the only way to go when it comes to marketing your rental property. We see a lot of homemade advertisements with photos that were shot on a camera phone or a handheld camera. Descriptions are lacking in detail, and there’s a failure to mention any benefits to living in the area or the home. Many of these ads don’t mention any rental criteria. That discourages someone from taking the next step, which is visiting the property. 

Advertising Rental Property Online

Most people will find your listing online. There are very few people who are driving around, looking at For Rent signs anymore. You’re targeting people who are busy working at their jobs and do not have time to waste. They want to find the facts and be sold on the property before they go visit it. With a property management company, our approach is to handle these properties like we’re selling them. We take professional photos, do video tours, and write top notch descriptions. As an example, you can look at our website and look at the available rentals. Look at the ad, and you’ll see everything you need to know about that property, including the rental criteria and the lease term. We list the benefits of living in the property and the area. It plants a seed in the mind of a potential tenant, and they’ll want to see it, get an application in, and be ready to move in after approval.

Property Management Burlingame

This strategy works very well for us. Our success rate for finding and placing tenants is high. A big part of that is the amount of time and effort that goes on behind the scenes in getting the property ready to rent. The property should also be empty and ready to go. Many of the photos we see are taken when another tenant is living in the home. That’s not the best way to showcase your property. You want people to be able to envision living there with their own belongings and furnishings.

The market is very competitive, and getting the best tenants for the most rent requires a good advertising strategy. If you’d like to talk more about how we can help with marketing rental property or anything pertaining to Burlingame property management, please contact us at Five Star Property Management.