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Resources and services for owners of current Five Star managed properties.

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Welcome to the resources page for owners of properties currently managed by Five Star Property Management. If you are a property owner looking for more information about our property management services, please see our Property Management section.

We hope that you’ll find Five Star to be the most investor-friendly, conscientious property management company you’ve worked with, and choose to stay with Five Star as your investment property portfolio grows.

To help make your role as property owner as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, we provide the following owner services online. If you’d like to see additional services provided online, please let us know. We welcome all suggestions and comments.

Property Owner Resources

  • Property Owner Tools

    Research investment opportunities, purchase optional services for your investment property, find homeowner’s insurance, and more. (Coming Soon)

  • Download Property Owner’s Questionnaire (PDF)

    Get started on the process of transitioning your property to Five Star Property Management’s care by filling out this property owner’s questionnaire. This form will help us get to know your property, and your needs. Please fill out a separate form for each property you’ll be transitioning to Five Star Property Management. (Coming Soon)

  • Property Owner Library

    Read articles designed to help you learn more about being a rental property owner, including articles that answer common questions about purchasing rental properties, growing your investment, and working with your property management company.

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