Landlord Fears & Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them in San Carlos

Talking about landlord fears and horror stories is always a fun topic. One thing you should know is that it really gets overblown by the media and by some of the people you know. Everyone has heard that one horrible story about a rental property that was destroyed by a huge dog that also ate the kid next door.

These things typically don’t happen. And, you can make a lot of intentional choices to avoid problems like bad dogs and bad tenants.

The real risks when it comes to being a landlord are a bit more subtle, and today we’re talking about one of the best ways to avoid a horror story of your own.
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Self-Managing vs. Hiring a Professional San Carlos Property Manager

When you’re trying to decide whether you want to manage your own rental property or leave it to a professional San Carlos management company, you have several things to consider. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both options.

Today, we’re going to take a look at why you might want to manage on your own, and why you might want to reach out to a professional. Every investor and landlord has a different set of priorities and requirements, so the best decision for you will really depend on a number of personal factors.
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Signs you Need to Fire your San Mateo Property Manager

Unfortunately, in all relationships, things change.

Sometimes, they change for the better, which is great. But sometimes, they change for the worse, and that’s when action is required.

The relationship you have with your San Mateo property management company is no different. You might get to the point where your needs are not being met, and you may decide it’s time to look for help elsewhere. Today, we’re looking at some of the things that might make you consider re-evaluating your relationship.
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