Five Star Property Management is located in Burlingame, California. We are putting together a series of educational blogs that can help rental property owners like you, and today we’re sharing the first one, which covers some of the reasons you might want to work with us.

Property Management Burlingame: Experience

We are experienced, and we know what we’re doing. Everyone in the office has rental property or has had property in the Bay area. We’re aware of the current rules and regulations that pertain to owning an investment home in this area. Owning property in the Bay area is not like owning property in the middle of Iowa, or other places in the country. In California, the laws are tenant-friendly, and they aren’t very friendly to landlords. So, if you do anything wrong, you’ll end up in court and you’re probably not going to win. Our purpose, ideally, is to prevent that from happening. Or, if it’s already happened to you and you don’t want to go through it again, we can take over and focus on the management and the day to day operations of your rental property while you stay busy doing other things. Our experience is one of our strengths.

Property Management Burlingame: Quality of Service

Most people have been trained to ask this question first: what’s your price? Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. So we get a little concerned if that’s your first question when you call about our services. You don’t want to go with the cheapest property manager because when you run the numbers, if they’re too cheap, they can’t afford the great staff that’s needed or the regular inspections or the preventative maintenance. There are expenses associated with property management. It’s like deciding where to go out to eat. You can go to McDonalds and spend $20 on a meal, but it won’t be very good, and you won’t feel well after you eat. The people you take with you probably won’t want to go out to eat with you again. You can go to a steak and seafood restaurant instead, where you’ll spend a little more but you’ll get good food and a good experience. You don’t have to worry about not feeling well.

Property Management Burlingame: Local Coverage

One of the most important functions of a management company is to be local. In the last few months, we’ve seen the rise of national management companies, and we don’t think that works. We can’t manage a property if we’re located halfway around the country. You want a property manager who is within a couple minutes of your property so if there’s a problem, we can get there quickly to prevent any damage or liability to you as a property owner. Locality is a big thing. Here at Five Star, we cover San Mateo, Burlingame, Belmont, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, Foster City, and San Francisco as well. We are based in Burlingame, and that’s our ideal area. It doesn’t do you any good to go outside of the area when you’re looking for property management services.Hopefully, this gave you a good introduction to our company. We hope you’ll enjoy our future blogs. Please contact us at Five Star Property Management if you have any questions about Burlingame property management.

foster city property managementWe hope you’ll enjoy our future blogs. Please contact us at Five Star Property Management if you have any questions about Burlingame property management.